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I enjoy pizza, bands, writing, and anything that includes John Green books.

  • smithwestrns:

    how are all these math classes going to help me become a new york it girl with a huge wardrobe and a boyfriend in an indie rock band that writes songs about me

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  • spermbanker:



    wow you have very nice looking hands…… i bet they would look even better wrapped up in mine…..

    or around my dick

    or clasped together in prayer askin god to help you see the error of your ways

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  • fxnn:

    i hope the government likes gay fanfiction because that’s all they’re going to get from monitoring my internet activity

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  • starweilder:

    trying to figure out someone else’s shower

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  • nachosinthetardis:

    there are nice americans

    there are rude americans

    there are nice brits

    there are rude brits

    there are nice canadians

    there’s justin bieber

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  • "I love fanfiction. Like, it’s a great hobby. ‘Cause think about it, you know people think it’s weird, well it’s just like a creative thing. Like, your daughter is into writing and reading, or DRUGS. What would you prefer. Like, I’d rather that someone was reading some, you know, Ryden smut in their spare time than OUTSIDE doing things with people."
    Dan Howell on his thoughts about fanfiction [x] (via panic-at-the-blog)

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  • kinglamp:




    short people are the cutest thing ever

    I hate to interrupt but I noticed you have a lamp url.

    I have a lamp url myself.

    I too have a lamp url.

    You’re probably wondering why I have gathered you all here today…

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  • pachouli-princess:

    tupperware more like tupperWHERE THE FUCK IS THE LID

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